Issyk lake

The lake Issyk is in Issyk gorge Zaili Alatau, approximately in 70 kms to the east Alatau, at height of 1756 meters above a sea level. In 1963 powerful torrents of meltwater from the glacier area poured into the upper reaches of the Issyk river. The gigantic waves destroyed the natural dam and the lake was washed away within hours. Even now it has been only partly restored. The route to lake is remarkable by that, it acquaints you with bright display of Sacae culture in Kazakhstan - archaeology by monuments, gorges. Among them, rare on Issyk barrow, having 60 metres in length and 6 metres in height. In it grave was found out young soldier-sacae, in gold smart clothes, beside have found over 4 thousand highly art gold things and plates (3,5 kg of gold), silver scale, where the inscription from 26 marks is not deciphered yet.


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