The biography of Nikolaya Postnikov

Nikolay Postnikov is a mad Japanese.

Some pages and sheets from the biography of Nikolay Posntnikov. He was born in 1960, January 15, in Alma-Ata city. From his childhood on the question: "Who will you become when you grow up?" - He answered - "Traveller". In principle, all happened in this way. The reasons he’d chosen this profession were books,- Nikolay said, on its pages he furrowed on the epidemic seas and oceans, strode on the countries and continents. Of course, he couldn’t become a good traveller, but he became a good photographer whose profession implies the trips over the whole world.

How did the career of the photographer Nikolay Postnikov begin? Firstly, he took the camera in his hands when he was 15. Mother bought a camera FED 3 for me in the central universal shop and said: “now you will have some business during your holidays”. After my arrival at home, I had charged the film and made photos of my friends in the courtyard. In general, first pictures were people. Nothing changed from that time. These passed through the whole life. People are the main fascination of mine. My passion in the profession is the main object. And what’s more, everything immediately got then. The first pictures were very good. Afterwards for some time my interest had disappeared, the reason may be that everything had been received. When I had been working in theatre as the lighting maker I returned to my profession. By the way, taking photos nowhere earlier hadn’t been taught. Everything only concerned one’s experience and contact with people of this profession.

Where else did you work at that time? At the beginning I initially worked in the theatre, afterwards in the movie studios of the Alliance - Kazahfilim, Mosfilim and others. My profession identified as artist-photographer of the shooting group. If such determination exists, who was your teacher? I met my first teacher in the theatre in 1978 German Alekseevich-Linkevich by name. I had been working as his assistant. Linkevich, can be said, gave me the start as the independent photographer. He had brought me on the professional road. But the main thing was that I felt some participation to the work done, to its result. Then I uniquely felt ill of this. Forgotten old amateur feelings of taking photos once awaked. And I made up my mind that my profession, my deal will be photography. This is mine! On my nature, when it is necessary to get the result immediately, I’ m very impatient, - this is just what I need. This is the profession, where it is possible to get the result of the work practically in the nearest future. I had been working with Alexander Mittoy, Timur Babluani in the cinema on one stage. They are those people whom the others speak about - professionals with a capital letter.

Do you have favorite places on the map? All of them are favourite. This question is often assigned. Particularly after the last trip. "Where do you like to be more?" As I said, I like to be everywhere. I like to be in Kazakhstan, I like to be in China, in Singapore and in Thailand, in Europe also very nice. I haven’t been in the West hemisphere yet. The main thing is that all places of the planet are beautiful in one's own way and interesting for me. There are some places where I would like to be to – Putoran plateau (the Siberia), and also on Kamchatka.

This, probably, implies not profession, but the nature of you, world outlook? Everything was connected together. I’d already begun to catch myself on the thoughts that I became to resemble on mad Japanese. Nor on wink camera do not release. It became a part of the hand. The right eye all in the blisters - "in quote"(is dared). In general this is already, probably, disease. Sometimes leave in the morning and think, today I simply go, but afterwards, at the last moment, solve, may be something interesting will happen there! If it is happen to abandon of this profession and do something else, also in the professional level? What kind of professions it will be? I thought about it. With enormous pleasure I will make photography as a hobby. But then this will be already another profession. You have to be either rantie, or something else. To get incredible inheritance (is dared). The Photographer – who is it? Who is such person? Somewhat is an egotist. But in general, as an artist, musician or any other creative personality, he is always on the galley proof with sin. The Persons, who is trying practically all tastes to of the life.

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