The state flag of republic of Kazakhstan.

The state flag of republic of Kazakhstan represents a blue colour rectangular linen with the 32 sun’s rays imaged in the centre, and a swooping steep eagle under it. Besides the drevko there is a vertical strip with national ornament. The images of the sun, beams, eagle, and ornament - colour of gold. The republic of Kazakhstan is the unitary state with the presidential form of the rule, asserting itself by the democratic, secular, legal and social state. The high value of witch are : a man, his life, the rights and the freedom.

The state emblem of republic of Kazakhstan.

The central element which took into itself the main idea of our emblem is shanirak-the circle vershine of the dome of the urt. The colour scale of the emblem is made by two primary colours - golden and light-blue. First- the light – blue sky is the uniform for all peoples of the world. Its colour personifies aspiration of Kazakhstan to the world, consent, friendship and unity with all peoples of our planet.

The area

2,724.9 kv.km


Astana city


Official language in Republic of Kazakhstan - Kazakh, concerning to group tours of languages. Russian language could be used in the same official language as Kazakh in the state organizations and bodies of self managmet. Each person has the right to talk on his native language and choose language for dialogue, education and work, this help people with different ethnic layers to live and work in world and consent.


Islam, Christianity

Money unit


The population of Kazakhstan

The population of Kazakhstan is approximately 15 millions. Density of the population: 5,5 mans on 1 kv. km. The population of Kazakhstan is presented by different ethnic groups, having its own cultural, language and historical specificity. The largest ethnic group- Kazakhs and Russians.


Kazakhstan is situated in the central Asia, at the heart of Eurasian mainland. Kazakhstan borrows 9 place in the world on the area, conceding Russia, China, USA, Argentina, Brasil, Canada, India and Australia.

Kazakhstan boarders with China – 1460 km, with Kyrgyzstan – 98- km, with Turkmenistan – 380 km, with Uzbekistan – 2300 km, with Russian federation – 6467 km. general extent of boarders – 12187 km.

The territory of the republic lasts from the bottom current of Volga in west up to bottom of the Altay mountains in east, borrowing two time zones, from the West-Siberian lowland in north up to desert Kizilkum and mountain system Tyan-Shan in the south.


Climate of the country sharply continental. Average temperature of January is in borders from -25 up to -10 degrees on Celsii, average temperature of July from +25 up to +30 With. Lowest temperature in the winter reaches -45 With, highest +50 C.

Useful minerals.

There are various minerals in Kazakhstan. From 105 elements of the table Mendeleev in dephts of Kazakhstan 99 is revealed, the stocks on 70 are reconnoitered, more than 60 elements are involved in manufacture. On volume of stocks of minerals of Kazakhstan borrows the first place among the countries of CIS on hromovim to ores and svenec, second - on stocks of petroleum, silver, med, manganese, zinc, nikel and phosphoric raw material, third - on gas, coal, gold and tin.


The Kazakhs are very hospitable people. If you will come to guests to Kazakh unexpectedly, he will be as glad as thought you come by the invitation. Respect to the guests, to the grown up, peaceful nature and tolerance, which pawned from childhood, are the national basic side of the Kazakhs character. That’s the reason that therefore in Kazakhstan never was of the interethnic and religious conflicts

Customs and traditions

From the ancient time carry through the generation traditions of hospitality, respectful attitude to the grown up, peaceful nature and tolerance.

State holidays

Religious holidays with changeable dates:

The Kazakh national cousin

The soul of the Kazakh people, its history, customs, and traditions are reflect as in the mirror in the national Kazakhstan cousin. From ancient time the most discriminating line of the Kazakh people was hospitability. Dear visitor was hospitably met, set on the most honorable place, treate with best that was in the house.


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