Mirrors of the Altai’s lake.

Altai – is a land of picturesque mountainous lakes, taiga forests and amazing flora. Everything here is impregnated with a spirit of history; the air is full of legends and traditions. You could admire with the views of the fairy-tale nature of the land, and with the views of the mountainous tops. Kazakstani Altay is situated in the east of the Kazakhstan – it is a unique region of the central Asia, on the boundary with Russia, China, and Mongolia. The north branch of the Silk Way passed here, connecting South Siberia, Altai, Middle Asia and West China. Katon- Karragayskij region is also notable among other sights and territories. Famous “Rahmanovsky keys” is situated in its territory. Katunskyj range with the highest top of the Altai (mountain Beluha 4506 m. ) is held here. The view of which is opened from the Rahman’s like. The underground waters contain salubrious radon. The formation of the radon connected with the products of the dissociation of the radioactive elements, containing in the rarely minerals of the granite. The thermal waters are used for the healing of different diseases of the movement organs, spine, nervous system and skin. The local hunter
In 1763 the local hunter Rahmanov opened an advisable source. The first researchers were staggered with the beauty of these places, and they compared them with Switzerland. On the first geographical maps of the Altai you could meet such names as: Northen-Chujskij Alps, Katynskij Alps. By the way Altai from Mongolian translation is “Golden mountains”.

Photo Oleg Belyalov

The big Rahmanov’s Lake is situated on the territory of Katon-Karagaiskij region, on the top of 1760 m., in the narrow valley squeezed amongst steppe forestry declivities of the mountains. Its area is over 1.14 km 2, length – 2.6 km, width – 0.6 km, the length of the coast line is 5.6 km. The water of the lake is beautiful blue-green color; the transparency reaches the depth in more than 7 m. During the summer period (July) the warmth of surface layers doesn’t make 10-12 degrees. The temperature of the water on the bottom is 4.5 degrees. Such low temperature is explained by the height of the location of mountains, and relatively big depth (max. depth is 30.6 m.) of the lake, and also influx in it water from cool sources. Running lake feeds with account of water of the rivers and melting of the snow. The bottom of the lake is covered by brown silt. The coastline is covered by sand, pebble and big boulders. From south and north the lake surrounded by rocky spines, more flap spines come down to the lake, verging on to the south-west coastline. The upper Arasanka River falls into the lake, and flowed the Lower Arasanka (Rahmanovka). In the Rahmanov’s Lake accumulated more than 20 mln. quarters of water. On the northwest coast of the lake, on the little coast platform there are warm radioactive springs. Local people name them “Arasan” (warm springs). The temperature of the water in the springs is from 24 to 40 degrees. High arrays of the mountains surrounded this lake from three sides. The mountains are covered with the graceful larches, cedars, birches, and osiers. The vegetation of the coast band seems particularly majestic: ancient cedars and dark-green spruces ate its mirror’s boarder. The lichen-bearded droops from the tree. The ducks nested on the lake. Sanatorium "Rahmanovskie springs" is located on the North-West coast of the lake near the thermal springs.
The Lake Yazevoe is situated on the height of 1685 m above sea level, in the plain which had there one of the branches of the Katunskiy glacier. Its Length is 3 km, width - 800 m, depth reaches 10 m; the colour of the water is yellowish-green, transparency is 4.2 m. The Coasts are formed by sand, pebble and boulders. Two small unknown influxes and springs fall into the lake and the Yazevaya River makes its beginning from it.


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