Location: In territory Ile-Alatau National Park.
The striking beauty of these places, legendary ...

Quite often, in the bustle of our cities, we do not draw the gaze of the gifts that surround us, created by nature itself. House Resorts Maralsai located in the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park, in the tract Maralsay, in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places the Trans-Ili Alatau. The striking beauty of these places, legendary, and pure mountain air did Maralsai favorite vacation spot Almaty residents and guests. It covers an area of 3 hectares. Maralsai operates year round and it also can rest up to 200 people.

In 2001, conducted a complete reconstruction of the whole complex ...

In a short time Maralsai greatly changed from its spacious buildings, comfortable cottages and ultra diskozalom, it is in harmony with the surrounding peyzazhem.Segodnya Maralsai - is a modern holiday home with developed infrastructure. Maralsai provides guests with excellent service and an opportunity to spend a weekend or holiday the whole family. Built here with all the requirements of modern design residential housing, disco hall, karaoke, pool will make your staying comfortable and enjoyable.

Fans of comfort and privacy are ...

People come here primarily in order to enjoy nature. Vacationers are located in six residential buildings. Visitors are offered comfortable rooms in all categories: from standard and low-cost rooms with necessary amenities to suites. Beautiful impression interior rooms with upholstered furniture, sanitary ware, elegant curtains and paintings. Fans of comfort and solitude can live in individual wooden cottages. Relax and unwind will visit a Russian bath.

Exquisite dishes cooked for you ...

The Territory has a yurt, where everybody can relax and taste the Kazakh national dish and a fresh mare's milk. With warmth and care, delicious meals cooked for you to cook at home vacation "Maralsai. To your attention by offering the standard three meals a day before the banquet menu.

Seminars and corporate parties in an informal atmosphere ...

At your service recreational possibilities enable two-story disco, as well as three seminar rooms equipped with furniture, overhead projector, whiteboards. Safety holidaymakers provides professional hour security. Guests arriving by private transport, there is free parking for cars.

Building № 2

NameNumber of roomsWeekendWeekdays
2 bed.26 0006 000
3-bed.19 0009 000
5-seater.915 00015 000

Building number 3

NameNumber of roomsWeekendWeekdays
1 beds. std. bathroom, shower on the floor23 0003 000
2 places. std. bathroom, shower on the floor36 0006 000
2 bed. n / suite, in-room TV, shower, refrigerator, bathroom111 00011 000
2 bed. bathroom in the room, shower on the floor68 0008 000

Building № 5

2-seater. suite, in-room shower, toilet, refrigerator, TV, fireplace112 00011 000

Building № 6

NameNumber of roomsWeekendWeekdays
2 bed. 2 floor bathroom on the floor, without a shower16 0006 000
3-bed. 2 floor bathroom on the floor, without a shower19 0009 000

Building number 7

NameNumber of roomsWeekendWeekdays
2 bed. suite, in-room shower, toilet, refrigerator, TV, fireplace41700012000

Bath stone in 2 000 tg. per hour.
Bath log 4 000 tg. per hour.


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