Nursery of hunting birds.

In territory Silt – Alatau of national park the nursery on cultivation of predatory disappearing kinds of birds is located unique in Central Asia. Here breed also train to a hunt of falcons, berkut, eagles. From ancient times of a falcon the Kazakhs used in quality hunting bird. The last century, in territory of several sorts it was possible to find nestles of most popular of all eagles - berkut, mighty predator in a big way of wings about 2 meters. In nursery as, it is possible to see the known hunting dog Basins, from ancient breed Kazakh borzaya. In territory of nursery except for realization of excursion the organization picnics with preparation of such dishes as is possible: a shish kebab, salads. If you want to organize picnic, the rent of utensils will be given to you.


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