Sanatorium AK-KAYIN

Medical health complex "Ak-Kayin" 200 seats is located close to Almaty on the northern slope of the Trans-Ili Alatau at a height of 1450 m above sea level in a picturesque valley. Natural conditions provide a unique opportunity for climatotherapy. Contents of a large number of negative Aeronom, which have 17-year positive properties, improve the autonomous existence of each cell in the body, facilitate blood circulation, to develop resistance to cold, vitamin deficiency, normalizes metabolism. In addition, the complex of treatment include: * mineral bath with hightermanally mineral water with a source of "Suburban"; * velvet antler bath; * underwater shower massage, mechanical massage, * bottom-shower-massage for the treatment of hemorrhoids; * paraffin; * gym gymnastics; * physiotherapy; * geliotherapy during the warm season; * Recreation in the pyramid room; * inhalation of mineral water; * gynecological irrigation, tampon; * Acupuncture; * hirudotherapy (leech) * light poluvanna with mud hatch "Rapa"; * intestinal irrigation; * Dentistry, * bioptron; * duodenal sounding with liver followed by administration of drugs; * Mud rectal swabs of the prostate gland of men; vaginal mud therapy; * treatment of periodontitis, vibrating massage with mineral water of the mouth and gums; * For the followers of Ivanov at the sanatorium takes place clean mountain rechushka.Provoditsya computer diagnostics. Treatment in a sanatorium make it easier for diseases such as: 1. chronic tonsillitis 2. chronic pharyngitis, 3. chronic tracheitis, bronchitis, 4. bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia, 5. cardiovascular disease; 6. hypertension; 7. Cardiovascular dystonia; microkardiodistrofiya; tonsillitis, 8. cardioneurosis 9. Osteochondrosis, sciatica, 10. osteochondrosis deformans 11. rheumatoid, metabolic polyarthritis, 12. chronic cholecystitis, 13. chronic gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids, 14. disease of female genital organs, infertility, 15. chronic prostatitis; 16. periodontitis; One, two, three landscaped 


NumberPrice tenge 1 person2 persons
Single Junior Suite6 500-
double deluxe5 50011 000
Double Deluxe7 50015 000

Room price inckudes:

- Accommodation
- Medical treatment
- 4 times meal


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