Altyn Emel

Nature-lovers will find an unexpected paradise in the Altyn-Emel National Park. The park covers 90 sq. km between the Ili river and the Ak-tau mountain range. It is mysterious, beautiful country with a long history and a unique natural environment. Nowhere can you find more amazing remains of the Sacae culture: ancient burial mounds and rock paintings of wild animals and hunting scenes. The stunning Ak-Tau (White Mountains) are like a museum of the earth¢s distant past. Fantastically-shaped natural sculptures rise from the bottom of an ancient sea in all the colours of the rainbow, from the pale blue “lunar landscape” to the “red mountains”. These mountains are 30 km long, 1,5-2 km deep- and 400 million years old. There is a rich variety of wildlife here, with large numbers of jeirans, steppe antelope, mountain goats and sheep, wolves and foxes.


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