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Kapal-Arasan - resort located on the northern slopes of Mount Jungars Tau, Bien on the river 110 kilometers from Taldykorgan at an altitude of 975 meters above sea level. This - the first resort in Kazakhstan. It was opened in the late XIX century (in 1886). The average temperature in January is - -10 C, in July - +20 C. Precipitation falls annually in the amount of 350 mm. In the year to about 2,830 hours of sunshine. The main therapeutic factors resort - it's mineral springs with sulphate-sodium chloride, nitrogen and silica. Water from springs is used for holiday-makers taking a bath and shower. Resort Kapal-Arasan "is based directly on the territory of the springs in the heart of a green park-lined set of poplar and elm. Hence it offers a splendid panorama of the snowy ridges and peaks Djungarian Alatau. Mineral springs Kapal-Arasan belong to slabotermicheskim. The temperature of the majority of sources - 35-37 C. For all indicators: temperature and chemical, these sources are similar to well-known sources Tskhaltubo. Sources Kapal-Arasan considered therapeutic for people suffering from rheumatism, metabolism, problems with blood vessels, gynecological diseases. . This is a wonderful modern resort, combines the foothill climate, beautiful nature of northern Semirechie and unique mineral springs.

Price in Tenge.

RoomSeatsPrice per dayCost of additional spaceNotes
Typ 2 places213 0004 6003 2001 room, san., Television
Junior 1 bed18 0003 6002 6001 room, san., television, refrigerator
Junior Suite for 2 persons216 0005 6004 0002 BR., (Bedroom, living room), Sec. bathroom, TV, fridge, phone
Luxury 2-bed221 0006 0004 0002 bedroom., (Bedroom, living room), Sec. bathroom, TV, fridge, phone
Luxury 4 seats433 0006 2004 2003 bedrooms., (2 bedrooms, living room), Sec. bathroom, TV, fridge, phone
Cottages438 0006 5004 5003 bedrooms., (2 bedrooms, living room), kitchen, veranda, outdoor terrace, TV, fridge, phone

Amenities: telephone, TV, fridge, shower and toilet.

The cottage has: telephone, TV, fridge, shower, bathroom, kitchen, veranda, an outdoor terrace.

In the price includes: accommodation, 5 meals, medication

Treatment on the profile of diseases:
* Skeletal and muscular apparatus
* Gastro-intestinal tract
* Cardiovascular System
* Urinary System

The complex treatment includes:
Bathing (tub, shower, irrigation), physiotherapy, herbal medicine, mineral waters, therapeutic exercise, and other health path to the destination.

Additional services:
* Bar
* Table tennis 100 tenge / h
* Billiard 300 tenge / h
* Sauna chel.3000 6 tenge / h
* Gym 200 tenge per hour
* Massage 200 tenge / Region
* Cinema
* Laundry 200 tenge / piece


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