Sanatorium MIA Kazakhstan is located in the south-eastern outskirts of Almaty at the foot of Trans-Ili Alatau, in a picturesque area at an altitude of 1080 meters above sea level. Mountain climate resort, the beauty of the surrounding landscape a beneficial effect on patients with neurological and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, as well as gynecological and urological diseases. Fitness effects of climate change is successfully combined with balneotherapy and mineral water, thermal and physical treatments.
In the resort staffed by physicians highly qualified professors and candidates of medical "science. Fluent in new ways and means of treatment, combining modern science with traditional medicine.
Treatment and counseling conducted by type of surgical diseases. therapeutic, neurological, urological, gynecological. dental and other profiles.

Cost of the permit from 6 500 tenge per day for 1 person, which includes a five-time meals (breakfast and lunch. Lunch and dinner. Kefir night), stay in the "standard" room and medical services. Recommended duration of tours from 10 to 20 days.

The complex treatment includes:
- Acceptance of a physician;
- Water treatments of 11 species (shower, mineral baths, underwater massage, circular shower. Whirlpools, etc.);
- Physical therapy 22 species;
- Heat the procedure (galvanic or mineral wax);
- Herbs:
- Oxygen Cocktail:
- electromassage.
- Massage cervical-collar zone:
- Blood tests, urine analysis. ECG by a doctor:
- Mikroreaktsiya-1 times during the treatment period: Also in price includes swimming pool with mineral water and a hall of physiotherapy exercises.

The cost of staying in the rooms.

Living in the rooms of the standard
Standard Room8 000 m for a single room
Standard Room13 000 tenge per double room
Small Luxury16 000 tenge per double room
large suite18 000 tenge per double room
Living in class rooms "first category"
Standard Room10 000 m for a single room
Standard Room15 000 tenge per double room
Small Luxury18 000 tenge per double room
Large Suites20 000 tenge per double room

The sanatorium has an opportunity to provide clients with additional services:
- Consultation narrow specialists
- facial treatments
- Dentist
- Hairdresser
- treatment of non-traditional oriental medicine
On the territory there are also sauna and fitness room.
Spa rooms are perfect for a variety of training seminars, conferences, coffee breaks. business lunches and other business meetings for up to 200 people.


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