Turkestan (Yassi) has been estimated as the spiritual and political center turkic - language people and was capital Kazakh Hans. To Turkestan 1 500 years. Sheikh Hodzha Ahmet Yassaui - mystical sufi, the poet and the philosopher was the spiritual leader of turkis.

Yassaui- a unsurpassed masterpiece of medieval architecture and a surprising complex of palaces and temples. Graceful conditions of storehouse and a colourful tile mosaic grasp imagination. 1500 years Turkestan became known owing to preaching of the most known Sufia-sheikh, an outstanding poet and humanist Hodzhy Ahmed Jassaui named by the Hazret-sultan. Then the city was known as Yassi. In the end of XIV century Turkestan has got a unique construction - the big complex of the premises concentrated around - The Mausoleum Hodzha Ahmet Yassaui, was build by Great Timur.

In the Muslim world Hodzhi Ahmed's Mausoleum is considered as the second Mecca. From 802 monuments of history and culture of Southern Kazakhstan area: 528 belong to monuments of archeology, 42 - to historical monuments, 226 - to architectural monuments. The most interesting archeological monuments are connected with an epoch Karakhanids-IX-Xll centuries. It was time when on the Great Silk Way the known city of Otrar where within several years greater archeological excavations have been made prospered, now it- Part of historical-cultural reserve – Оtrar an oasis and - interesting tourist object. Also here it is located - the fine historical museum evidently showing a capture of city by Mongols, and also monument XII - XX centuries – the Arystan - bab, devoted to one of sacred sufies.

But the most monumental memorials of architecture are located in the city of Turkestan, per 2000 year was celebrated 1500 anniversary of town . Here on border XIV - XV centuries after under the order of Amir Timur known in history as Тamerlan, have been established the huge mausoleum on a tomb sacred sufia - sheikh Hodzha Ahmet Yassaui known in Central Asia.

Height of a huge building which has gone through many historical disasters, and 40 meters have been opened recently after restoration, approximately. Its central hall - the closed place a residence of the Kazakh khans, is opened a specific museum - a pantheon. Pearls of this museum is - Thai Kazan the greatest on all east Muslim world - a bowl for water. It has been made of an alloy of seven metals.

To historical places natural border Оrdabasi, now, declared as historical reserve also belongs. Here, in 30 km from Shymkent, in the beginning of XVIII century Kazakhs were united to resist to aggressors from the western Mongolia - jungaries.



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