Description of excursion

We are glad to offer you SACRED PLACES!!!

On a route:

Departure city Almaty

Arrival in the city of Taraz

Arrival in item Lenger

-Sacred mountains " Adam ata and Haua ana "

The Rock Adam and Eve symbolizes that Adam and Eve were ancestors of human race.
Between two 33 meter rocks there is a crack through which there can pass only the person with purely soul.

Arrival to the town Shymkent

The area 116,3 thousand in km 2. The population 1831 thousand person. The Most part of territory - plain; in a southwest - the desert Kyzyl Kum, in the north - - Has given desert Betpak, Moyinkum, in a southeast - spurs and ridges Тyan-Shan (height up to 4238), in average parts of area - Каratau (Bessaz - 2176). A climate sharply continental; average temperatures of January from - 11 up to - 2°æ, July 19 - 29°æ; deposits from 100 mm (on plains) up to 1000 mm (in mountains) in a year. The basic river - Syr-Darya. Water basins: Chardarynskoe and Bugunskoe; lakes - Akzhaikyn, Аkzhar, etc. Zlakovo - deserts are replaced by steppes and the Alpine meadows. Reserve Aksu – Djabagly

Arrival to item Shaulder, Otrar

There is a museum "Оtrar” in the South-Kazakhstan area in village Shaulder . In a hall it is exposed about twenty works. Among them thready carpet with the mirror inserts, presented by the president of Pakistan, a female headdress, unpicking srtasses and gold strings - a gift of the president of Kyrgyzstan, the homespun shirt presented by the president of Belarus.
Оtrar today - for Kazakhstan it is object of national property. Since 1969 when archeologists have found remains of an ancient site of ancient settlement and up to now local picturesque ruins are considered as one of the main architectural relics of the country. In cooperation with UNESCO on site of ancient settlement of Оtrar during long time works on preservation of the found buildings of ancient city are conducted. The memorial estate "Оtrar" has the area of 3048,5 square meters, from them of 1052 square meters is allocated under exhibits. The fund of a museum is totaled with 20 thousand 965 exhibits from which 2 thousand are exposed in halls of a museum and are constantly updated.

-Survey of an architecturally-historical museum, a monument.

Arrival to the complex mausoleum “Аristan-Bab”

The mausoleum has been erected above a tomb known religious mysticism of Аrystan-Bab, lived in XII century. The first construction of the mausoleum concerns to XIV-XV centuries From it carved wooden columns aivans were kept. In XVIII century on a place ancient mazars, destroyed earthquake, had been constructed two dome construction with аivans, leaning on two carved wooden columns. The building of XVIII century has collapsed and in 1909 has been built up anew about what the inscription on one of kartush frieze says. In 1971 because of a high level of the subsoil waters led its emergency condition, the mosque was and is taken down and built up anew. The building is constructed from firing a brick on an alabaster solution, in an obverse lying of walls. Now the mausoleum is one of Muslim relics of the Central Asia and is a place of pilgrimage.

Arrival to the town Turkestan

The city of Turkestan - the first capital Kazakh hans. The ancient name of city - Yassi. Yassi became the center of district, the main trading item on Great silk Road. Special popularity has got in beginning XII of a century when H.A.Yassavi has lodged. After his death above a tomb has been built mazar which at once has got the status of " a sacred place ". In XIV century Amir Timur in honour of a victory over Golden Horde constructs above a tomb of the poet grandiose hanaku, kept in first edited a kind during 6 centuries.
Around of H.A.Yassavi's Mausoleum in due course there was the whole necropolis consisting of mausoleums Rabigi Sultan-Begim (XV in, century is disassembled in 2-nd half ХIХ and it is restored in 1980) and Esim khan (XV century), the mausoleum Anonymous, etc. burial places. A number of the constructions connected with sufies by rituals and cult Yassaui, such as chillyahana (XV century), underground hilvet (ХІІ-ХІХ centuries), east bath (ХVІ-ХІХ centuries) was kept.

-The mausoleum was erected by the governor Great Тamerlan during sufism. Mausoleum represents a majestic complex from palaces and temples. The 44-meter building consists of 30 rooms and halls, diameter of the main thing bathed 22 meters.


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